"we are just on the cutting edge of what can be known about our brain's capacity for change"

-- Michael Mrazek, director of research, Center for Mindfulness & Human Potential, U.C.S.B


The Six Week is an intensive lifestyle change program focused on exercise, nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, compassion and relationships. 



The Six Week was created in 2007 to empower people to take on their lives and create lasting change. New scientific research has validated that deep and intense immersion in new practices changes the neural wiring of the brain.


"The Human Capacity for Change may be much greater than we, as scientists, have given people credit for"  - NY Times article


The Six Week has been designed to provide progressively greater challenge and improvement through intensive practice and learning which can lead to substantial and enduring improvements in physical health, memory, moods, self-esteem, self-efficacy, mindfulness, and life satisfaction.

Change your Practices

Change your Brain

Change your Life



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KEY Areas of focus

During The Six Week we will spend time focusing on exercise, nutrition, and stress management.

Throughout the course, an integrated social support system will help you to maximize your experience. 

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Participant commitments

To fully participate in this course, you must be willing to make commitments around areas such as exercise, nutrition, and sleep. 

A more detailed description of commitment requirements can be found here - Course Details...

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The Six Week incorporates a variety of structures into the course including before & after assessments, daily logs , individual coaching and weekly group calls.

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If you do the work, you will see significant and lasting results in physical and mental health.

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